Meet our new Training Coordinator

Hello everyone,

My name is Eugenia and I am the new Training Coordinator at Richmond Carers Centre.

You might recognise me as since 2018 I have been an Adult Carer Support Worker at Richmond Carers Centre. In May 2020 I also took over the amazing job that Tina used to do and I have already had the opportunity to speak and meet with some of you.

My background is in training, research and mental health and I have years of experience in supporting carers. As I am also a support worker at Richmond Carers Centre. This means that I have an understanding of your needs as a carer and my daily support work helps me to reflect and plan workshops that could address those needs, by providing you with tailored learning opportunities.

Due to Covid-19 and consequent social distancing measures, our training programme has changed and as a team we have been working hard to keep providing you all with learning opportunities in a different format. In fact, as promoted in our newsletters, we used this situation to re-shape the way in which we used to organise workshops/activities in the past and we transformed the crisis into an opportunity to offer you all e-learning sessions on Zoom.

This is new for all of us too and that’s why your feedback is even more important than before to enable us to understand if our training programme meets your needs. So please, keep sharing your thoughts with us as they will help us shape our online training programme.

We will keep you updated on when we will be able to get back into face to face workshops at our centre but for the time being, I hope you will enjoy our e-learning opportunities.

If there is anything else you would like to ask or any suggestions that you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to email on

All the best, Eugenia.