Richmond Carers Centre arranges a number of free workshops specifically for carers  throughout the year on anything from First Aid and Using your Mobile Phone with Confidence to mindfulness and aromatherapy.  Our workshop programme at the centre is currently suspended due to the pandemic but we are running a number of digital workshops that carers can access online. CLICK HERE for the June programme and HERE for the July programme. Further information and workshop details will be announced monthly in the newsletter. For more information or book a space on one of our workshops, please call the support team on 020 8867 2380 or email Our workshops are open to all adult carers registered with Richmond Carers Centre.

Face-to-face workshops

Mindfulness four-week course

Andrea Hosfeld of Space to Be delivers this four-week mindfulness course. Mindfulness is a practice which involves bringing your awareness to the present moment with acceptance and non-judgement. Research suggests that meditation and awareness training can boost the immune system, significantly reduce stress, improve sleep, bolster creativity, reduce the ruminative thinking that leads to anxiety and depression, and improve relationships. Throughout the course students will be building the muscle of their awareness through a variety of formal and informal meditations.

This course is currently on hold due to the pandemic

Relaxation workshop, monthly sessions

Giorgia Pontet is a regular workshop facilitator at Richmond Carers Centre. We are pleased to say that Giorgia is continuing to run her popular monthly guidance sessions where you will learn techniques to help you cope better with stress levels, focusing on mind, body and spirit. You will be encouraged to practice the techniques at home and then review your progress at the follow-up sessions.

These sessions are currently on hold due to the pandemic

Not your normal back care course – a fresh approach to overcoming pain, two-week course

Do you have pain that refuses to shift or keeps coming back? Are you fed up with conventional advice and treatment that doesn’t work or only works for a short time? Are you keen to find another way? In this two-part course local osteopath Claire Lisboa will explain how and why the causes of pain are mostly misunderstood, and why traditional approaches to treat pain do not work. The second session will cover skills and strategies you can learn to overcome pain. Come with an open mind and an eagerness to learn. Active engagement and committed practice following the course will help you to gain maximum benefit from this exciting approach to tackling pain.

This course is currently on hold due to the pandemic