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In addition to making a donation, there are many ways that you can support Richmond Carers Centre.

Where does the money go?

Richmond Carers Centre staff and administrative costs are covered by specific funding contracts. So when you make a donation to Richmond Carers Centre, you can rest assured that every penny you contribute will directly benefit unpaid carers in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.
£5 will…

pay for the cost of therapy products so a carer can have a complementary massage to help reduce stress and improve physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

£10 will…

pay for a carer to have break from their caring role by visiting a place of cultural interest, and may stretch to lunch as well

£20 will…

pay for a carer to have a 1 hour counselling session with a trainee or qualified counsellor at Richmond Carers Centre

You can even choose what we spend your donation on…

Give a carer a break

Whether it’s an activity or event, complementary therapy treatment, cultural trip, pub lunch or just tea and biscuits at one of Richmond Carers Centre’s regular carers groups, you can help give an adult carer some much-needed time for themselves.

Give a young carer a break

By donating to our Young Carers Service you will be helping to provide a range of after school and holiday activities that ensure young carers are getting the opportunity to have normal childhood experiences, away from the demands of caring.

Carers counselling service

Our counselling service gives carers an opportunity to talk in a friendly, confidential environment with a qualified or trainee counsellor. It’s a busy service and your donation helps us recruit more counsellors and reduce waiting times.

General Donation

By making a general donation to Richmond Carers Centre, we can channel the funds directly into the carers services that are most in need of them at the time, ensuring carers across the service can benefit from your donation.

Of course, making a donation is only one of the many ways in which you can support the valuable work that Richmond Carers Centre does with and for local unpaid carers. All of them are greatly appreciated.

You Shop, they donate

Instead of going direct to online shop, go to first and click on the shop you need to make your purchase. The price of what you buy is exactly the same as going direct but by going via easyfundraising, the online shop will thank you for your purchase by donating a percentage of what you spend to Richmond Carers Centre as your chosen cause. The service costs you nothing and by signing up with Easy Fundraising you can ensure that the Richmond Carers Centre is receiving donations from affiliated retailers every time you shop online.


Do you have a little time to spare? Making a charitable donation to Richmond Carers Centre can be as simple spending some time with us. We run a complementary therapy service for carers thanks to the generosity of volunteer therapists. We also have a number of volunteer counsellors, group facilitators and office assistants. The work volunteers do is highly valued by carers and staff at Richmond Carers Centre. If you think you would like to volunteer give us a call on 020 8867 2380 click the button below to email us.

Leave a legacy

By including a legacy gift to Richmond Carers Centre in your will you can make a positive impact on generations of carers to come. We recommend using a solicitor or professional will-writer to make sure your will is legal and valid. Typical legacy gifts include a share of your estate, the remainder of your estate once you have provided for your friends and family, a specific sum of money, a specific gift such as a possession, or a gift in trust. When leaving a legacy, please use the following details: Richmond Carers Centre, charity number 1092459.




Share on Social Media

Spread the word. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful tools we have when it comes to information. Social media sites have given us new ways to reach people who may benefit from the services Richmond Carers Centre has to offer, many of whom will not be aware of their status as a carer, let alone that there is support available.

Tell us what you think

Your feedback is really important to us. It gives us the tools to measure and shape the services we provide to unpaid carers in the borough. It also helps us to secure funding so that we may continue to provide these services. We would be grateful to receive your comments about any of the services you received at Richmond Carers Centre.

Fund raise for us

Are you planning to run the marathon before you retire, cycle across Spain in your summer holiday or maybe swim the channel? Perhaps you prefer to throw tea party, cake sale or pub quiz? Whatever it is you like doing, why not use it as an opportunity to raise money for Richmond Carers Centre and help support local unpaid carers?

Call our carers support team on 020 8867 2380

Get in touch or click on the icons above if you’d like to support carers in Richmond Borough