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Free online course for carers in April on stress management

The purpose of this online course is to help you to recognise what stress is and to recognise your own symptoms of stress. You will then be introduced to the practice of relaxation techniques that are a valuable tool to help you to manage stress and improve your wellbeing. On this course, you will practice a range of strategies that will help you to deal with these feelings when you need it most. This course is for everyone no matter how high or low your stress levels may be.

Care 2: Introduction to Stress Awareness and Relaxation Techniques as Positive Coping Strategies

Course description

Stress affects us all, sometimes stress can undermine our health and wellbeing when we feel that we can’t cope with life’s demands.

This course will support you to have a better understanding of what stress is, how it affects you and what coping strategies you can use to better manage it. You will a learn to practice relaxation techniques that can help you to ease symptoms of stress and improve your wellbeing.

During each session you will learn to recognise what stress is and participate in a friendly learning discussion. You will then participate in a guided session of relaxation that focuses on breathing techniques, gentle movement to ease tension and a guided deep relaxation practice.

You will be encouraged to use these techniques in your own time so that you can independently practice relaxation to help manage stress.

Course details

Course title
Care 2: Introduction to Stress Awareness and Relaxation Techniques as Positive Coping Strategies
Course code
Course date
Start: 03/04/24
End: 24/04/24
Number of classes
4 sessions
1-2.30pm, Wednesday 3rd April
1-2.30pm, Wednesday 10th April
1-2.30pm, Wednesday 17th April
1-2.30pm, Wednesday 24th April
Nicola Bailey
How you’ll learn
Online.  You’ll join a small group of fellow learners for classes online in video meetings and materials will
be provided in our virtual learning environment.
Level of study

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Find out more about the course and book your place: https://www.wea.org.uk/courses/skills-life/self-development/3-april-care-2-introduction-stress-awareness-and-relaxation