Free home sensors for unpaid carers in Richmond

Richmond Council’s Adult Social Care team has partnered with Canary Care to pilot a new project which can help to support vulnerable people with care and support needs. Canary Care provides home monitoring sensor technology to help families, friends and/or carers to monitor any sudden changes in the person for whom they care.

The sensors are wireless and discreet, they monitor movement, temperature, and door activity, which can be viewed from anywhere on a smart device. The sensors don’t need an internet connection or a phone line to work. Up to six sensors are installed around the house as well as a small hub that receives information from the sensors. To monitor the person you care for, all you do is enable text and email alerts and should there be a sudden change in their routine you will be alerted. For example, if they have a fall or have decided to the leave the house in the middle of the night you will be sent a text or email. The sensors do not record or provide any sound.

A Canary Care sensor is particularly useful when you are at work or out shopping, or if you do not live in the same house as the person for whom you care. This service is offered free to unpaid carers and to anyone who cares for someone who lives in Richmond.

If you would like to take part in this pilot project, please email or call 020 8891 7151.

Once the sensors are installed, they are yours to keep until the end of January 2023. In return, the only thing Canary Care asks for is your feedback on the sensors and the benefits the monitoring has provided for three months.

For further information on Canary Care sensors CLICK HERE