Managing your health and wellbeing

Carers tell us that it can be difficult to look after their own health and wellbeing whilst caring for someone.

How do we currently support carers to manage their health and wellbeing?

We offer a number of wellbeing opportunities including:

  • Yoga and pilates sessions
  • Wellbeing workshops eg mindfulness and relaxation sessions.
  • Opportunities to meet with other carers
  • Support to access other wellbeing activities eg gym membership, short courses and breaks
  • Counselling and complimentary therapies
  • Social and leisure activities
  • Face to face or telephone emotional support
  • Practical advice

What carers have said about wellbeing activities at Richmond Carers Centre

“This was a fantastic class – everyone kept commenting on how much better they felt and attendance seemed to be pretty consistent throughout. It helped with physical strength and also seemed to clear the mind. The teacher is brilliant and so very encouraging. It would be great if the class could be repeated in the future.”

“Thank you. This is my first experience of a workshop at the carer’s centre. I felt it was nurturing, of a higher standard & the teacher set a safe, caring environment where all were listened to & supported”

“So grateful for this workshop. Thank you. Its invaluable & so important. I always feel so nourished & nurtured afterwards”

If you would like to know more about how any of our wellbeing activities might benefit you then call our Support line, 020 8867 2380.


Source: Richmond Carers Centre