Richmond Carers Centre is coming to Barnes Full of Life mini Fair

With the introduction this year of the Full of Life Community Action Mini Fairs, Richmond Carers Centre will be taking the opportunity to meet Barnes residents and local service providers next Friday, 11th October at Kitson Hall. The Richmond Carers Centre stall will have information available on the services the centre provides, rights and entitlements for unpaid carers, finding support online and through technology, as well as some general guidelines for adult carers. Residents can also make a request for a member of the Adult Carers Support Team to contact them to discuss their caring situation.

Richmond Carers Centre supports adult and young unpaid carers in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames with advice, information and emotional support, and a range of other services. This includes listening support, help navigating the social care system, signposting and referrals to other organisations.

The Carers Support Line in particular is often cited in carer feedback as a major source of reassurance, information and support. Feedback from the recent annual survey, which collects data on how carers feel about the impact and difference the service make to them included the following statements:

“It is a great support to me knowing that the Carers Centre is there and I can call anytime and I will have a friendly and useful response.”

“It has given me strength and confidence to cope better and I feel less alone.”

“I felt human and understood.”

“It has been very helpful to offload to someone who has time to listen; someone who sees me as something other than a carer.”

“It’s just invaluable to know you have help at the end of the phone or in person.”

“I will never forget the help and care I received from Richmond Carers Centre.”

“Just so good to feel there is back up out there.”

“It is there when I need it.”

“If I need some advice it’s good to be able to phone [Richmond] Carers Centre.”

“Good network and local knowledge.”

“A very good, well-run team, always has time to listen to your needs and very supportive and informative.”

“Whilst I have only been a carer for about 1 year, I have contacted your staff member 5 times, I think. Each time, there has been a constructive and helpful dialogue. It has made my duties (as a carer) much less worrying and I feel I can go on helping the person I am looking after for a long time. This outcome would not have been possible without the valuable input which I have received from your staff. I am extremely grateful!”

There is also a full programme of workshops and regular activities from the centre in Briar Road as well as the Culture Club, which arranges regular short trips for carers to places of cultural interest at a subsidised cost.

If you are a resident in Barnes or caring for someone living in Barnes (or anywhere else in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames), why not pop down to the Full of Life Mini Fair at Kitson Hall in Barnes and find out a little more about the services Richmond Carers Centre provides for local carers?

For more information visit, email or call 020 8867 2380