In the Spotlight: Wellbeing Service

What do we mean when we say Richmond Carers’ Wellbeing Service?

Our Wellbeing Service
Counselling Volunteer qualified and trainee counsellors provide up to 12 sessions of individual counselling for adult carers. We offer the opportunity to talk in a friendly and confidential environment to help carers explore their thoughts and feelings. Sessions are provided on various days and times of the week.

Complementary Therapies Service
We have a number of volunteer therapists currently offering massage. The service provides carers with the opportunity to relax, unwind and have time away from their caring role.
Wellbeing Activities We try to provide wellbeing activities when we are able to secure funding to do so. For example, last year we were able to run yoga sessions for carers. If we are able to provide any wellbeing activities, these will be advertised to carers registered with us.

Why do we provide a Wellbeing Service?
• To help carers better understand their own needs
• To help carers maintain and improve their own health and wellbeing
• To enable carers to feel better able to cope with the demands of caring
• To support carers in finding time for themselves/have a break from caring
• We recognise how demanding caring can be and that carers need support in order to continue in their caring role

What do carers say about our Wellbeing Service?
“I have had huge support from an excellent counsellor who has really helped me cope better with the demands of caring, and encouraged and supported me in taking care of myself. I have also attended yoga classes with an amazing teacher, which has helped me emotionally and physically.”
“I was lucky enough to have massages which really helped me to feel better. I also had six weeks of counselling which really made a difference.”
“The therapy and wellbeing treatments provided a welcome break in routine and created a good feeling.”
“Yoga sessions have been extremely helpful in ensuring I get to take a little time for myself. I feel stronger both physically and emotionally. The yoga sessions have been a wake-up call for me as I’ve spent the last 14 years caring for my son, not realising the toll it takes on me.”
Carers need to be registered with Richmond Carers Centre to access these services. Please call or email to enquire.

Source: Richmond Carers Centre