Friends and Family Research Event banner. Join in the conversation about learning disabilities

Invitation to Collaborate: Research on Adults Learning Disabilities

Everyday Risk: For Family or Friends of Adults with Learning Disabilities 

Psychology lecturer at St Mary’s University, Clare Nicholson, will be hosting two events this May, exploring everyday risk in the lives of adults with learning disabilities, alongside a dedicated team from St Mary’s University and Anglia Ruskin University

Join the team for a collaborative research event with friends and family as they discuss risk within the lives of people with learning disabilities. This friendly discussion will provide a platform to explore risk from going out in the cold to dietary choices.

This event is funded by Research England and aims to impact future research and practice.


The benefits of participating include free food, drink and £20 amazon vouchers for each attendee. Your participation in this event will actively contribute to their primary research.

Who Can Attend?

This event welcomes any friend or family member of a person with learning disabilities

Please contact for more information.

Event details

Wednesday 22nd May
Location: The Exchange, Twickenham