Carers Assessment survey banner. Please tell us what you think? Infographic with LBRUT logo, Richmond Carers Centre logo and image of a leaflet on carer's assessment

Carer Assessments – Please tell us what you think?

At Richmond Carers Centre we work alongside Richmond Social Services to support unpaid carers who live in the borough or provide care for someone living in the borough.  Social Services offer carer assessments to understand more about carers’ needs and to identify additional support carers may be entitled to and benefit from.

The Social Services team is keen to learn about carer experiences. They are especially interested to know how carer support, including carer assessments, could be improved. The team would love to hear from carers who are considering doing a carers assessment or have recently completed one (either online or face to face).

In April and May, Social Services are conducting 1:1 and small group discussions with unpaid carers lasting approximately 1 hour. These can be arranged in person, online or by phone. If you are interested in taking part in this research to share your experience and insights, or would like to know more, please contact Martin Monteiro (

Tea, coffee and light snacks are available for in-person sessions. A small ‘thank you’ is available for all participants.

Please respond with your interest by Friday 3rd May 2024.