Young Carers Mentoring Service

The mentoring service is aimed at supporting young carers aged 7-17 years old in their school environments. The sessions will involve meeting with the young carer for a 30-minute session at regular times, offering them a supportive person-centred and non-judgemental approach. It will provide them with time to talk about their caring role in a resolution-focused approach to make positive choices and overcome challenges using a variety of methods including arts, crafts, mindfulness and other methods.
Each young carer will be offered 6-10/12 sessions. There will be a review at week six where there is an opportunity to assess the impact of mentoring with the young carer and the support worker. This will also be an opportunity to review if the sessions will continue and how many in total. Parent/guardians and the school will be informed of the outcome of this.

If you wish to note your child’s interest for mentoring then please email us at


Source: Richmond Carers Centre