In the Spotlight: Training & Workshops for Carers

Richmond Carers Centre provide a variety of workshops and short courses to help carers manage their caring role. We also use the term training to describe these sessions.

Why do we provide training & workshops?

  • To provide carers with access to structured information relating to their caring role
  • To help carers increase their knowledge and skills within their caring role
  • For carers to feel recognised and valued in their caring role
  • For carers to feel better able to provide support to the person for whom they care
  • For carers to feel supported in maintaining and/or improving their own health and wellbeing
  • For carers to feel that their needs as a carer have been understood
  • For carers to feel more informed about their rights and entitlements
  • For carers to feel better able to cope with the demands of caring
  • For carers to feel more confident in their caring role

How do we provide training & workshops?

  • Our training events and workshops generally take place here at Richmond Carers Centre.
  • Workshops and classes usually last two hours. Carers tell us this is an agreeable and manageable length of time for them to be able to attend these sessions.
  • The training sessions are taught by visiting tutors who are experts in their field.
  • For carers registered with Richmond Carers Centre there is no charge to attend our workshops and courses.
  • We regularly gather carer feedback about our training programme in order to deliver workshops that are useful in their caring role.
  • Classes are advertised in our newsletter and on our website. We sometimes send email invites to carers who we think may be interested. In our newsletter you will find workshops at the front – look for the yellow boxes. The programme changes regularly so please do check for new courses in every newsletter.

Workshops and courses run in the last year have included: IT Drop-ins, Mental Health Awareness, Back Care, Mindfulness, First-Aid, Finance Following a Bereavement, Legal Advice, Carers Allowance Benefit, Health Management, Relaxation Sessions.

What do carers say?

‘Very informative – I enjoyed it’
‘Brilliant – really enjoyed the workshop. Feel better for it’
‘A good workshop and useful to hear other people’s tips’
‘Trainer … really calming and very informative. Can’t wait for the next one. Feel so much better for coming’