New single provider of Direct Payment (DP) Support Services in Richmond

The new provider in Richmond is Ruils, which will support DP service users to manage their Direct Payment by providing a range of services, including support to help employ a personal assistant, payroll support and support with managing DP finances.

Ruils, which is based in Richmond, has a strong background in working with service users in the borough. There is a lot of information available on its website and it will also be holding regular meetings so that Direct Payment recipients can meet other service users in person to share experiences and get support and advice.

Ruils will contact service users directly and let them know if there is anything they need to do. This change in provision does not affect the budget or care package service users receive through their Direct Payment. If you have any questions, please call Richmond Council Adult Access Team on 020 8891 7971 or email, or call Ruils on 020 8831 6088 or email You can also contact Hestia on 020 7378 3112 or 

Source: LBRUT