In the Spotlight: Information and Advice

What do we mean when we say Richmond Carers Centre provides information and advice to carers?

Information and Advice about what?
• Support available in Richmond including emotional support, opportunities to develop support networks, and rights/entitlements (benefits, employment)
• Advice about the emotional and physical impact of caring
• Information about strategies and support options
• Signposting and/or referring to other organisations as needed
• Liaison with other professionals to find out relevant information

Why do we provide Information and Advice?
• To help carers support the person they care for whilst maintaining their own health and wellbeing through improving knowledge about support available to carers
• To help carers feel informed about their rights and entitlements
• To help carers understand their own needs as a carer, to find time for themselves/have a break/pursue some of their own interests, and feel better able to cope with the demands of caring
• To help carers develop a support network and feel less alone

How do we provide Information and Advice?
• Our Support Line is available for carers to contact us on to discuss any issues they may be facing and obtain contact details for professionals or alternative sources of support (10am-3pm Monday to Thursday)
• Sessions with Carer Support Workers to look at a carer’s individual situation and help identify a way forward (call/email to book)
• Workshops to provide information about a specific topic (see p6)

What do carers say about the Information and Advice given?
• When I haven’t known how to change a situation, they have been able to inform me, step in, and make the difficult phone calls that start to bring about change
• Excellent advice on negotiating my way through difficult agencies that were involved in my husband’s care (GPs, NHS, local authority, district nurses etc etc). I felt empowered and much more in the driving seat
• Very helpful to have a source of information on carers’ rights and options
• Help in navigating local social services to get a carers’ assessment was invaluable and a long fight! Your sources of information and support make life so much easier for anybody in the borough trying to navigate their way through the numbers of people and organisations able to help them

Source: Richmond Carers Centre