The Young Adult Carers Service is now closed

Funding for the targeted Young Adult Carers Service to support carers aged 18-25 years came to an end in May. We have been unable to secure any alternative funding streams to continue running the service.

Although this is disappointing, young adult carers will continue to be supported by Richmond Carers Centre Adult Carers Support Team, who have a wide range of experience and knowledge of services and support in the borough. If you are unsure of anything, have any questions or feel that you need any support please get in touch.

I will be here until the end of August and will be working with both teams to ensure that YACs continue to be supported. I’d like to thank the Hampton Fuel Allotment Charity for funding the project for the last three years. I have really enjoyed my time at Richmond Carers Centre and getting to know and work with so many carers over the years. I will be sad to leave and will really miss both the team and the carers. On a positive note I am currently expecting another baby so will be looking forward to enjoying some time off to prepare for the new arrival. Please look after yourselves and stay in touch so that you can continue to get support. Wishing you all lots of success and happiness for the future.