Challenge: Jason’s father Graeme has difficulty putting faces and names together due to his diagnosis of dementia and no longer feels confident going out alone. This is putting a lot of pressure on Jason, who works and has a young family.

Tech Solution: Jason and Graeme have used the camera on Graeme’s mobile phone to take pictures of people he has regular contact with (with their permission). Graeme has learned to use apps and maps on his phone to continue to navigate around independently. His emergency contact details are also kept on the phone.

Outcome: The photographs reduce Graeme’s anxiety when he meets people that he recognises and thinks he should know but does not recall their names. The map/apps have allowed Graeme to regain some of his independence and ability to keep control of his daily living through use of the calendar and notes functions. Should there be an emergency it is easier to for him to access support as needed. This has eased the pressure on Jason and allowed him to feel less anxious about his dad’s health and wellbeing.